Intensive Counseling

3 Months of Therapy in 3 Days

Three Day Marriage Intensive

If you find yourself growing apart from your partner and longing to rekindle the closeness you once had, you’re not alone. Are you feeling burnt out from trying to connect? Struggling to communicate or stuck in repetitive conflicts? You know you’re both committed to the relationship but feel overwhelmed? Even if traditional weekly counseling hasn’t quite hit the mark, there’s a potential solution.

Consider a 3-Day Marriage Intensive. It’s a focused opportunity to revitalize your relationship, free from daily distractions. Dedicated time to gain clarity, rebuild connections, and untangle cycles of conflict. When you combine the proven effectiveness of Emotionally Focused Therapy with the right therapist, an intensive can provide the momentum to yield substantial progress in just a short amount of time. It’s not just about getting back on track; it’s about equipping yourselves with tools for lasting relationship health. Curious to know more? Book a free consultation. I’d love to chat!

DISCLAIMER: In order to be a good candidate for an intensive I need to be able to foster an emotionally safe 3 days therefore not every couple is a good fit for intensives. Intensives are not recommended in cases of on-going affairs, untreated substance abuse/mental health issues, on-going intimate partner violence, or for couples where each partner does not have the same goal for counseling (i.e. one partner wants to save the relationship and the other wants to end it)

Step 1 – Book a Free Consultation

The consultation itself is a great opportunity to start reconnecting with your partner. Couples say that hearing one another share what they hope to gain from doing this work together, is really helpful in bringing clarity, connection and safety to the relationship.

Step 2 – Book the Intensive

If you, your partner, and your therapist all agree that an intensive is the way forward, we’ll start making plans during the consultation. I’ll guide you through all the practical details, paperwork, and logistics. The cost for a 3-day intensive is $3250.

Step 3 – Show Up

Show up. While that sounds easy, we all know that truly showing up to be present, real, raw and vulnerable is tough! But there’s no growth without discomfort, right?  I want to understand exactly where you are. Bring all your thoughts and feelings. Together, we’ll sort through it, make sense of it, take it at your pace, and create opportunities for you to connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Intensives For?

-Couples that feel like they’ve become roommates and want to reconnect on a deeper level
-Couples who feel stuck in the same cycle of repetitive miscommunications or arguments
-Couples who’ve done therapy before and feel like the weekly schedule made it hard to gather momentum, or those who just need a refresh

Who isn't a good fit for an Intensive?

-Couples who have differing goals for therapy (i.e. one partner is committed and the other isn’t sure)
-Couples who have active addiction, interpartner violence, or an active affair

What's the price and how does payment work?

Full price for the intensive is $3250. A non-refundable deposit is paid of half the cost to secure the dates and the second half is charged at the time of the intensive.

What's the schedule like?

Day 1:

9-12pm Initial assessment sessions

12-2pm Lunch


Day 2 and 3:

9-11am- Session


1-3pm- Session

Where will the intensive be? Are meals and accommodations included?

My office is located near downtown Chattanooga. While lodging and meals are not included, Chattanooga has tons of great restaurants and beautiful places to stay. I’ll be happy to provide suggestions for local options.

What about a shorter or longer intensive?

For local TN couples that I can see for follow-up work, a shorter intensive of 1-2 days can be a great way to get started or get you unstuck from a particularly sticky place. But for out of town couples, I only offer a 3 day intensive. We’ve found that longer intensives can start to lose effectiveness, so three days is our sweet spot.

What results can we hope for?

There are no guarantees with any treatment but I hope you will get 3-6 months worth of therapy out of the 3 days. Expect to need some follow up work with myself or another therapist to help integrate the intensive into your everyday life and make sure it sticks!

Do you provide the follow up work we'll need?

If you’re a local TN couple, I’d love to continue working with you! But if you’re from out of state, I will work with you to ensure you get connected with the right therapist to continue the work you’ve begun.

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